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Neutron Guide News at S-DH

On these pages we would like to present you a selection of products that we have produced recently

FZ Juelich T-REX Installation of Bunker-Wall-Insert at ESS

P355 BWI 1.jpg

ESS MIRACLES Installation of Bunker-Wall-Insert

P381 guide.jpg

ILL, guide H155 D007, m=2 supermirror on AluBor plates, no additonal vacuum housing is needed. The AluBor contains about 5%wt Boron.

H358 Heavy shutter housing.JPG

we are proud to present the first inhouse machined and inhouse welded vacuum components made of Aluminium


ESS, MIRACLES, BWI made of copper 

P348 Borkronguide 1000.jpg

H15 Borkron Neutronguide, ILL, cross section 240x60 mm, coating up to m=3

10B4C Beschichtungen 2022 fin.jpg

Coating of 10B4C (highly enrichted 10Boron carbide) for the DREAM detector (ESS), last coating runs of about 60 m².

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