About Us

S-DH Team
Our new 5 axis milling machine

S-DH is a spin-off company from the University of Heidelberg. Founded in the year 2000 with the aim of enhancing neutron science with better neutron guides. And still this is what drives us to research, innovate and offer solutions to our customers, for example our new metallic substrate with neutron absorbing function: AluBor.

Along this path, our biggest asset is the experience and reliability of our staff members.

Experience based on 20 years R&D and optimisation are made available to you in our neutron guides.

Our high level of vertical integration ensures the fist-class quality of our products. For example, we do have a complete glass workshop, from grinding on big plane grinding machines, over lapping to several polishing machines - all made in house - all made in Germany.

For good reason, we have always some tons of Borkron glass in stock, to be more independent from glass manufacturer.

We invest in new production machines and new developments - for the benefit of our customers and the environment.

For example, we do use a 68 kW peak solar plant on the roof of our new production site for the manufacturing of neutron guides. To enhance the quality of our products we purchased a new 5-axis-milling machine - driven by solar power.

3D CMS S-DH ++.jpg

The glorious three - brandnew machines on a single picture:

  • the Leica Lasertracker AT403

  • the Renishaw cms with 3m measuring lenght and

  • the espresso machine SanRemo Verona


It's hard to say, which one is the most important machine...

Our new premesis with a solar plant on top

Our Bike Project

Some of us come to work by car and some by bicycle. Commuting by bicycle is good for both, the health and the environment. To enhance the amount of daily bicycle commuters at S-DH, we joined the JobRad program. That means, S-DH pays for a new bike, if we do most of the daily trip by bike.  Let's see how many of us will attend.

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