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Neutron Guides for Ultracold Neutrons

Supersun 10B4C_3m Replica tube

3 m long Replica Tube for SuperSun with m=3 coating inside and 10B4C absorber surround

Replica neutron guide, pure metal

Replica tube. Pure Nickel. A polished glass plate was coated with a nickel layer, reinforced with a galvanised nickel layer and removed from the glass. Then rolled to a tube and welded.

Replica guide, pure nickel

A two meter long replica tube. The roughness of the nickel layer inside is the same as for polished glass: Around 0.5 nm Ra. The lowest roughness of metal worldwide.

Replica neutron guide

The replica ucn tubes are positioned in a round vacuum housing.

Coated glass tubes

Glass tubes or electroplated steel tubes are coated with NiMo inside.

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