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Shieldings for Neutron Guides

Borated Aluminium  |  LCB  |  Housings with Integrated Shielding

AluBor, our aluminium alloy with up to 10 % wt of boron. It can be machined very precisely or used as structural material blocs with sizes up to 100 x 300 x 1000 mm³.

Under vacuum, Boron loaded rubber and PE creates neutron eating dust after some years of operation. AluBor remains clean. It is clearly the better choice.

LCB shieldings, made from a radiation and vacuum hard epoxy, highly filled with boroncarbide. We developed a vacuum mold injection technique to produce 10.000 pieces per year. The accuracy is 0.02 mm.


Boron based shielding of neutron guides, inside the vacuum housings. Inside of round or rectangular vacuum tubes we implement a 3-6 mm thick layer of Boron carbide.

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