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Neutron Guides

Standard parallel guide, square cross section. But none  is like the other. Each guide is optimised for the highest output.

neutron guides with parallel mirrors

Standard parallel guide, rectangular cross section.

neutron guide with tapered shape
elliptic neutron guides
double neutron guide with two channels

Tapered guide, here the highest cross section in the world, starting from 417 mm.

Elliptic or parabolic shape in both directions.

Double guide units. Two channels are connected and share a common vacuum housing.

splitting neutron guide

The splitter section, the start of a dual, triple or quad guide.

triple neutron gude 3 channels

Art and science, triple guide units.

Neutron guide, quad guide, neutronguide

Quad Guide, the highest level - up to now

Octagon neutron guide.jpg

Octagon Guide, challenging to manufacture

Free standing, self evacuated, metallic neutron guide

Free standing, self evacuated guide. What is not recommended for glass, for metallic substrate it is. No extra vacuum housing is needed.

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