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Borated Aluminium Neutron Guide

 metallic substrate with integrated shielding

In close collaboration with the ILL we developed a new substrate material for neutronguides.

With a boron content of 4% in Aluminium, the material shows the same neutron shielding performance as Borkron glass - but it is unbreakable.

For a m=2 supermirror on AluBor we reach a neutron reflectivity of more than 94 %.

The material was tested at the ILL on the T3 test station under high thermal neutron flux.

The accumulated fluence on a m=3 coated sample was 1.66 × 1018 n/cm2. The AluBor shows less density change than Bk7 glass do and no degradation of the mirror.

With AluBor substrates we are able to manufacutre self evacuated neutron guides. The guide is directly pumped, no extra vacuum housing is needed. What we don't propose for glass, for AluBor we do.

A great solution, whenever space or weight load is limited.

borated alumium
Borated Aluminium neutron guide
m=2 supermirror on borated aluminium

Here you can download the Neutron irradiation ageing study of AluBor:

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